Friday, September 17, 2004


Some people might be wanting to know if I have made a spelling mistake in the title of this post or if I have a joint "y" and "h" key... but alas, I have made no error, I purposely spelt it "yhes".

"Yhes" began when a group of friends and myself were looking at different Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards. We were merely experimenting with the different sounds that you can produce, when upon closer inspection... we discovered to our enjoyment... that it was possible... no plausible... to take the word "yes", add an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent to it for it to become... yhes!

This is by far, the single greatest quote in the history of Arnold Schwarzenegger (and company)... and I wish that all who read this blog may understand, and utilize this new four letter word. Do not, however, use the word without having heard it from a trained professional, such as myself. Alternatively you could try to hear it from the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here's a link to the soundboards, enjoy :)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hacky sack

Ahhh... Hacky Sack, the sport of the kings. Why, oh why do people turn such classy, beautiful, often graceful sport into "killer hacky". I shall never know. If someone can point out the skill needed for hitting a hacky sack three times, grabbing it and ditching it at someone, please step forward now............... I didn't think so.

I prefer the graceful form of hacky sack. Having the ability to return poor passes, or to be able to hack around the outside of a circle. Aside from this the next greatest feeling is the ability to pull off a really crazy move eg...

  • Left leg goes over hacky sack while in the air, right leg then kicks it.
  • Throw your leg over the hacky while it is falling straight down, then grab the hacky in between your feet.
    Both of these moves I created. If someone else can do such moves/thought them up before I did, meh. I guess that we are both special in that instance.